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The game of cubes 🧊🧊🧊

For many people, Minecraft is just a game about cubes. And that's absolutely right. Minecraft embraces simplicity, embraces to create stuff with very little.

Everything, from the game mechanics, to the graphics, is made simple.

You probably read about the famous "less is more", and Minecraft Redstone makes it shine. It is a material in the game, able to be used as cables, switches, etc. In other words, it allows players to build circuits. It could sound complicated but it's not complicated at all.

The capabilities of Redstone are also very simple, move one block, open a door, add delay, etc. You can't really do much with it. Like computer chips, it is all about on/off states.

redstone piston animation

Humans always found ways to innovate, and the same way a simple thing as a transistor allowed our civilization to build incredible things, from cars that drive themselves to rockets that we fly to the moon. All of this was possible by the same simple logic that we use to turn on and off your bedroom lights.

Minecraft is just another place where we Humans can develop our ideas and explore the limits of our surroundings. There is a unlimited list of incredible things made with Redstone in Minecraft.

I'm not (yet) talking about modifying the game to create awesome stuff, I'm talking about what players can do with very little. With the game stock simple features.

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You may recognize the above song if you ever played Portal. In any case, it is a demonstration of what Minecraft players were doing very early during the development of the game, around January 2011.

As with everything, the first iteration is not as good as it can be, you need to repeat things to get better. And that's exactly what Minecraft people have been doing over time, taking down barriers, going beyond and beyond.

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Those two previous points are Redstone builds creating music, creating art. Music, for me, is one of the most emotional kinds of art. It's easy to feel things with it, it's common to feel attached to some musicians or specifc songs. When I see the above videos, what I can tell is that they have been made with love and passion. And that's exaclty why I love Minecraft.

In any case, the game it's just an scenario for us, Humans. It's just a place to be free. And that's the most wonderful thing of it. I meet almost all my friends in this game, I become what I am in the game. And like me, a complete generation was growing up inside of this game.

I do have some nostalgic memories from the past, and I love all the them. But what I want to speak about it's not nostalgia, it's another thing, it's passion. It's curiosity. It's the art of doing things.

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Speaking about doing thigs and nostalgia, the above videoclip is the perfect example for the ocasion. It was made on 2011, at the same year as the redstone first video above, when Minecraft was just a beta project. It now counts more than 100 million views and it's one of the iconics fan-made musical videos ever from Minecraft.

Again, the above video is from 2011, when YouTube was an unexplored place, a platform with lots of cats videos. But the Minecraft community had a different vision for it. Minecraft really affected the YouTube trajectory, all the popular YouTube channels at that time where about Minecraft. And even today, the most popular Channels, started with Minecraft.

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Minecraft conquered YouTube, and even today, it stills being an important part of it. During 2012, the gangnam style year, Minecraft was also in the top. Check out the YouTube Rewind 2012.

It's not about the populatity of the game, it's about who where the first youtubers. Who where the first to upload videos to that new space into the internet.

This community has always been like that, exploring, risking, and doing amazing stuff. Nowdays, there are thousands of Software Engineers linked to Minecraft. Some of them, played the only played the game, but others modified the game and learned to code with it.

From Docker, to GitHub, Linux, Apache2, and over all the things, Java related projects. Minecraft was made in Java, and many people learn Java because of that. You go to any GitHub repository from a project you like and you will surely fiend a contributor with Minecraft influence there.

Also, there are many crazy experiments and projects made by the Minecraft community, as for example, this Docker client build into the game. GitHub Repository

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And again, this was made on 2015, 9 years ago. (yes 2015 was 9 years ago) There was people doing a custom client for Docker inside of a Minecraft world when Docker was something not many people know about.

To be continued...