Minecraft servers

Minecraft it's a sandbox game that allow users to create they own gamemodes. For a few years I created and owned a lot of servers. NexusCraft, Lunatium, OceaNet, TempestPvP, EnergyPvP, MineGrech and Glaucus Network.

I got more than 700 online simultaneous players and more than one million registered players.


Minecraft server list website with statistics and an automated servers search system.

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Reflected Event Handler

Java Reflection Event System that allows you to create an event-driven architecture in an easy and beautiful way.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas multiplayer bot

C++ Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas auto driver experiment to make money on a multipler server. It works by reading data from the game's memory. (memory hacking)

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Tropico 6 Memory reader

C++ Tropico 6 memory data reader library. (memory hacking)

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Google Chrome extension that allows you to skip link shorteners such as adf.ly, owo.io, sh.st and much more.

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Account system, notifications and privacy control. Also, it's the brand of all my projects.

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